Elizabeth Strong is a bright, confident, beautiful young woman. She is also a Dominatrix to the wealthy and powerful of Detroit, Michigan. Her most famous client just so happens to be a starting pitcher for the Detroit Tigers. They have been able to keep their activities quiet but what happens when an unsuspecting catcher starts to ask questions?

Disclaimer: Child abuse is not a precursor for BDSM practices later. I want to make that clear.

Chapter 01: An Introduction

Chapter 02: A Close Call

Chapter 03: A Catalyst

Chapter 04: An Exclusive Deal

Chapter 05: A Day at the Ballpark

Chapter 06: A Lovely Afternoon

Chapter 07: A Family Affair

Chapter 08: A Beautiful Moment

Chapter 09: A Space In Between

Chapter 10: A Cruel World

Chapter 11: A Cold Shoulder

Chapter 12: A Power Struggle

Chapter 13: A Warm Place

Chapter 14: An Explanation

Chapter 15: A Wicked Surprise

Chapter 16: A Poisonous Mess

Chapter 17: A Halo In Reverse

Chapter 18: A Lost Tree

Chapter 19: A Violent Heart


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